High Point Market Trends

What I can only describe as Disneyland for Designers, this year's High Point Market did not disappoint. I must have taken no less than 400 photos of exquisite findings from blown glass scones to welded brass table bases to the most artfully crafted leather rocking chair, and I didn't even visit all the booths. I have uploaded many of my findings on our pintrest board as there were simply too many to share in this blog.

Several trends transcended between the different showrooms, each with its own uniqueness, but together they should be recognized. The color grey still reigns supreme as a solid base for creating a design pallete. It's slightly lighter this upcoming season, moving from charcoal to a light cloud color. A clean background color highlights bold accents. Some standout color trends for the winter/spring 2015 are purple ( in shades from lavender to plum), chartreuse, mustard, deep cobalt, emerald, and a wonderful rich shade of sea foam ( one of my favorites to see in lacquer). Brass and gold, though prevalent, are now paired with other mixed metals of chrome, muted nickel, antiqued copper- resisting the norm of only having one metallic. 

Unique wall treatments are continuing to pop up. There were some beautiful displays set up with suede wall-coverings, boldly printed geometric and floral patterns (a la Marimekko), refinished 60's style wood panels, and an amazing finish of wood planks. I can't wait to use the latter in a redo of a corporate office space and in an event. 

Finally,  there was such a wonderful selection of tables from bar carts to dining tables, to shelving, and desks. My personal favorite was a lacquered pale purple table top(can be painted in any shade from Benjamin Moore) on muted brass legs. I plan on purchasing this beauty for a unique conference table in my office. There were so many gems! Modern industrial pieces of distressed wood and exposed construction, light weight "cement" outdoor dining tables, quirky ottomans with animal paws, and the return of the round dining table.  As I begin to incorporate these trends into interior and event designs, as well as our inventory, I will be posting to our Facebook page. Stay tuned……..