Eggplant is the new Orange; Ghoulish trends to toast.

We are constantly trying to reinvent or create new twists on Holidays. And Halloween is no exception. If you are hosting a party, a wedding, or just decorating your home, try a new color scheme to set your style apart. This year, we are focusing on black, white, dusty sage, and eggplant and trying to minimize the traditional orange accents. This color pallet lends itself well to a nod to the Victorian era with its potions, mad scientists, and mystery. For décor, the use of lace both black and white (and even better if its old and stained), mixed with vintage bottles, burnt down taper candles, and skeleton artifacts really bring the creep factor into the space. One of our favorites, instead of decorating the outside of your house in cottony spider webs, head to a local craft store and fill up on Spanish moss. This pretty product can be used to cover existing bare branch trees, porches, staircases, chandeliers, and many other hang points. It gives such a great aesthetic and it’s so simple and inexpensive.


Forego the traditional carving of pumpkins, and either paint them solid colors (try them in our color scheme), stencil them, or for the more artsy, use a wood carving set to scrape the surface. They become great luminaries when just the outside skin is scraped off, and the flesh is still visible.


And don’t forget the food and drink. Incorporate a mad scientist bar with potions, vials, and dry ice. Creating eyeball ice cubes with radishes and olives are a great way to make simple cocktails (vodka tonic) look incredibly creepy. One of our personal favorite dishes to share is "batwings". Using glazed chicken wings with black food coloring, these simple food items look incredible as a display but also amazing to watch your carnivorous guests dig into. Remember when setting your buffet or table, use high-impact pieces. You can serve something as simple as a cheese or fruit platter, but if you serve it with an oversized butcher knife, it carries the theme in a big way. For more ideas or instructions on how to create any of these ideas, visit our pintrest board or email us!


- “ There is no beauty without some strangeness” – Edgar Allen Poe