Give Thanks to Winter White

I often get asked about my number one tip for throwing a party. And without a doubt my number one answer is to be a happy and calm host. When someone comes into your home or event, they want the host/hostess to look like they are enjoying themselves. This not only means being prepared, but also at ease when the inevitable bumps arise.  

Now that we have officially entered into the holiday season, I am certain there is a strong likelihood that there is some entertaining in your future. I will write later this month about a great menu and cocktails, but this week's blog is all about decorating. If you followed the Halloween blog, the color scheme was very subdued and moody with hues of creme, white, eggplant and sage. This thanksgiving design is a continuation of a complimentary color arrangement. This will eventually culminate in a seamless transition into holiday decorating for Chanukah and Christmas. The thought behind keeping a similar color scheme is to allow you to enjoy the holidays. Decorating is a lot of work! 

White is an unexpected, modern, and sophisticated color for Thanksgiving. Any great chef will tell you that food looks its best on white china.  It allows the food to be the real show of the day! White can be both modern and earthy, so choose your style according to your taste. Use the white and sage pumpkins from halloween or simply paint your squash or pumpkins with spray paint. Incorporate dusted pine cones, rosemary, tarragon sprigs, sage leaves, artichokes, and bare branches in crisp white vases and tiered cake plates for an elegant table-scape. Most of these elements can be reused for your December holiday. Delicate white linen, plumes of picked cotton, and mercury glass are all wonderful investments that will last through the season. For more tips and inspiration photos, please follow us on pintrest.