It’s Oktoberfest Week!

My friends and I in Munich for Oktoberfest 2006.

My friends and I in Munich for Oktoberfest 2006.

Contrary to it’s name, Oktoberfest in Germany is actually celebrated in September. This giant Bavarian funfair brings friends and strangers together for a week of beer, bites, and banter. So in honor of this great German tradition, here are some fun tips and ideas to throw your very own Oktoberfest party, whether you partake now or in October. 

When planning your party, long communal or picnic tables are a must. For décor, the use of hops and wheat are a fun way to add some seasonal flair. Beer steins and carafes make great vases for any centerpiece. If you can hang décor in the ceiling, visit Michael’s and select colored ribbons in your theme colors. These can be mixed with popcorn strand lights for a dramatic ceiling treatment. 

There is also no need to have a large menu, instead pick a few authentic savories to serve. I suggest a tasting of pretzels, both soft and hard, artisan sausages, and instead of having traditional sauerkraut, spice it up with a beautiful display of colorful pickled vegetables.

Auf Wiedersehen!