Color Crush: Seafoam

I often change my mind about what's my favorite "IT" color. This month’s obsession is with Sea Foam.   I started to see the color pop up in High Point on settes, chandeliers, and throw pillows. But lately I have seen it in full effect and it has put me into Seafoam overdrive. It’s one of those colors that is so calming and delicious and youthful all at the same time. Or maybe it just reminds me of my favorite mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Since it’s a new year, and maybe you are itching to redecorate, give seafoam a try. Benjamin Moore has several paint choices in the pastel green hue. Choose a focal point, or really embrace it by painting walls, base boards,  and moldings. This color goes great with neutrals. Pair with it gold for an ultra lux look, or grey and chrome for timeless sophistication. If you love color, try mixing it with rich jewel tones like cobalt, violet, or emerald. Check out our pintrest board for more inspiring photos.