A Metallic Thanksgiving Tablescape

This is my absolute favorite time of year- there’s a chill in the air with the perpetual familiar scent of a fire burning somewhere in the distance, the leaves on the trees are exploding in vibrant fall colors, and we are all starting to make holiday plans with loved ones. Whether you are planning an intimate gathering with only your closest family and friends or you’ve decided to celebrate with every single one of your Facebook friends this year, the holiday decor trends are sure to not disappoint. 

I’ve been slightly obsessed with metallics for sometime now, which is a trend that has been around for several seasons and is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon- especially the warmer copper, bronze and rose tones. I love how versatile decorating with them is. Not only does adding pops of metallics into your decor add an element of surprise, it also gives you a reason to break out those copper Moscow Mule mugs (not that you needed one)!

Try spray painting natural elements like fallen leaves, pumpkins and pinecones to incorporate into your tablescapeI also love the idea of spray painting paper lanterns with your favorite metallics and hanging them above your table. They are inexpensive, lightweight and easy to instal for a really wow focal point above your holiday table.For added interest you can experiment with ombre effects or adding patterns like stripes. Or perhaps something Pollock inspired if that’s more suited to your talents. Just have fun with it!

Don’t be afraid to incorporate your favorite fall color into the mix either. One of the best things about metallics, is that they are so versatile and can seamlessly pair with virtually any pop of color. I’m loving the softer hues this fall like mossy greens, warm whites and moody blues. They are both sophisticated and unexpected.

However you choose to decorate this Thanksgiving, we at Silver Lining Design Group wish you all a very happy holiday. Cheers!

Color Crush: Seafoam

I often change my mind about what's my favorite "IT" color. This month’s obsession is with Sea Foam.   I started to see the color pop up in High Point on settes, chandeliers, and throw pillows. But lately I have seen it in full effect and it has put me into Seafoam overdrive. It’s one of those colors that is so calming and delicious and youthful all at the same time. Or maybe it just reminds me of my favorite mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Since it’s a new year, and maybe you are itching to redecorate, give seafoam a try. Benjamin Moore has several paint choices in the pastel green hue. Choose a focal point, or really embrace it by painting walls, base boards,  and moldings. This color goes great with neutrals. Pair with it gold for an ultra lux look, or grey and chrome for timeless sophistication. If you love color, try mixing it with rich jewel tones like cobalt, violet, or emerald. Check out our pintrest board for more inspiring photos.

New Year's Reflections

I’m not accustomed to speaking about my personal life, but the holiday season and new year gives me pause to reflect on the past year. 2014 was a trying year with an ultimate low. During the holidays, my family and I traveled East to West, and North to South; from festive London, to the rolling English countryside, to wintry white Aspen, and finally to sizzling Mexico. Initially the holiday was a much-needed escape from home, but through each city, seeing friends and family, I enjoyed jumping into the celebrations and the light heartedness of exploring.  I realized that any person can be a friend through the sunny times, but those who weather the storm are a rainbow through the clouds. With much gratitude, I want to thank everyone who has been my rainbow.


For the first time, I have decided to make new years’ resolutions. I am blessed to have an amazing family, friends, and equally incredible work team. Each resolution is my guideline to steering my course of productivity, organization and sucking the marrow out of life. Today we had our first staff meeting of the new year. We discussed goals, trends, inspirations, and efficiencies. It was an exciting meeting. In the meeting agenda, I quoted Mark Twain with one of his many famous quotes. “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” I have been fortunate to have found my “why” this past year, and hope that everyone on my team enjoys the excitement of chartering their personal course to discover their “why”.


With what would have been my dear Tristan’s first birthday on the 17th of January, I am blessed to see the silver lining in tragedy. He gave me the courage, peace, and clarity to see what is most important and have the strength to protect it.


Happy New Year and Best Wishes for Health, Love, and Life with Style!

The Collection!

In the midst of the holiday busy season, I am very excited to be introducing a user-friendly, informative, and modern website that displays my current finds in home and event trends. These pieces are available for rent for events, photo-shoots, home staging, as well as long term rentals. My mission to make it simple for any client to view individual pieces, double check sizing, and easily add them into their own space.

If you don't require a full scale design, the silver lining collection website, will be your go-to site. I am constantly adding stylish pieces to the collection, and will be posting on social media to acknowledge these additions. Many of the elements are great neutral basics that will make great foundations for your look. There are also some quirky and modern statement pieces, essential to all designs. And stay tuned for the addition of signature curated pieces from Kelly Wearstler, Jonathan Adler, and other notable designers to the website. They are chosen with lots of love. 

Please keep visiting!  www.silverliningcollection.com

Haute and Cold

I have a small confession. I was unable to write about this topic last week after traveling from gorgeous Key West. It was a balmy 82, with a warm breeze and it left me incapable of thinking or being inspired by anything wintery. But this past weekend, after a short trip for meetings to NYC, and being immersed in blustery 20 degree temps, I am ready to share! 

I am always looking for ways to make my home decorating timeless. I absolutely love decorating for the holidays but I can't stand taking the decorations down. So incorporating these elements into your holiday decor, will help transition from December through the winter. 

First, begin with a neutral palette- keep the linen upholstered furniture of the summer, the classic lanterns from spring, leave the pine cones and bare branches from fall, and add in some much needed faux furs.  This combination can compliment any style, from traditional to modern. Be certain to amp up any fire places by overstocking with manicured wood logs. If you don't have a fireplace, add a simple table top fire place or rent indoor fireplaces for your event. Outdoor pyramid propane heaters are both functional and create great ambiance. These can be rented or purchased from Home Depot. When cloches filled with delicate fairy lights, accents of antlers, cable knit throws, and alpaca floor pillows are incorporated into any decor, you have instant chalet chic! Please check out the pintrest board for additional pictures as well as hot cocktail ideas, creative lodge event details, and some very cool Aspen inspired attire. 

Keep cozy and stay warm.....


Give Thanks to Winter White

I often get asked about my number one tip for throwing a party. And without a doubt my number one answer is to be a happy and calm host. When someone comes into your home or event, they want the host/hostess to look like they are enjoying themselves. This not only means being prepared, but also at ease when the inevitable bumps arise.  

Now that we have officially entered into the holiday season, I am certain there is a strong likelihood that there is some entertaining in your future. I will write later this month about a great menu and cocktails, but this week's blog is all about decorating. If you followed the Halloween blog, the color scheme was very subdued and moody with hues of creme, white, eggplant and sage. This thanksgiving design is a continuation of a complimentary color arrangement. This will eventually culminate in a seamless transition into holiday decorating for Chanukah and Christmas. The thought behind keeping a similar color scheme is to allow you to enjoy the holidays. Decorating is a lot of work! 

White is an unexpected, modern, and sophisticated color for Thanksgiving. Any great chef will tell you that food looks its best on white china.  It allows the food to be the real show of the day! White can be both modern and earthy, so choose your style according to your taste. Use the white and sage pumpkins from halloween or simply paint your squash or pumpkins with spray paint. Incorporate dusted pine cones, rosemary, tarragon sprigs, sage leaves, artichokes, and bare branches in crisp white vases and tiered cake plates for an elegant table-scape. Most of these elements can be reused for your December holiday. Delicate white linen, plumes of picked cotton, and mercury glass are all wonderful investments that will last through the season. For more tips and inspiration photos, please follow us on pintrest. 

A Slight Obsession with Bar Carts….

If I could gift one item to someone that is practical, compact, and incredibly stylish….. it would be a Bar Cart. This may seem odd, but it is truly an instant way to add a bit of chic to your home or event without breaking the bank. It could be that I am slightly preoccupied by anything midcentury, but I love the look of a well-staged and functional bar cart. In our pintrest board, there are several different suggestions of styles and uses. 

When using a bar cart for drinks, add pretty glassware, fresh cut flowers, fun stirrers, and great coasters and of course your favorite cocktail ingredients.  A cart also makes an excellent addition to a bathroom, especially when placed next to an elegant claw-foot tub. For small apartments, they are a great mini work station; compact enough to place a laptop and desk accessories. They also make a great nightstand or a unique accent table in your living room; be sure to place a bold lamp, and conversational hard bound books on the shelves. Bar carts are also wonderful accents to events. They add personality and a bit of whimsy to candy stations, or cigar bars, or even escort tables. Bar carts come in a variety of styles from modern to vintage and range in price from a $35 Ikea version to $2,000 Jonathan Adler version. If you are looking to rent one for your next event, be sure to check out our 2 options from our collection (the last two pictures in the gallery). 

Hope you enjoy this trend as much as I do!

High Point Market Trends

What I can only describe as Disneyland for Designers, this year's High Point Market did not disappoint. I must have taken no less than 400 photos of exquisite findings from blown glass scones to welded brass table bases to the most artfully crafted leather rocking chair, and I didn't even visit all the booths. I have uploaded many of my findings on our pintrest board as there were simply too many to share in this blog.

Several trends transcended between the different showrooms, each with its own uniqueness, but together they should be recognized. The color grey still reigns supreme as a solid base for creating a design pallete. It's slightly lighter this upcoming season, moving from charcoal to a light cloud color. A clean background color highlights bold accents. Some standout color trends for the winter/spring 2015 are purple ( in shades from lavender to plum), chartreuse, mustard, deep cobalt, emerald, and a wonderful rich shade of sea foam ( one of my favorites to see in lacquer). Brass and gold, though prevalent, are now paired with other mixed metals of chrome, muted nickel, antiqued copper- resisting the norm of only having one metallic. 

Unique wall treatments are continuing to pop up. There were some beautiful displays set up with suede wall-coverings, boldly printed geometric and floral patterns (a la Marimekko), refinished 60's style wood panels, and an amazing finish of wood planks. I can't wait to use the latter in a redo of a corporate office space and in an event. 

Finally,  there was such a wonderful selection of tables from bar carts to dining tables, to shelving, and desks. My personal favorite was a lacquered pale purple table top(can be painted in any shade from Benjamin Moore) on muted brass legs. I plan on purchasing this beauty for a unique conference table in my office. There were so many gems! Modern industrial pieces of distressed wood and exposed construction, light weight "cement" outdoor dining tables, quirky ottomans with animal paws, and the return of the round dining table.  As I begin to incorporate these trends into interior and event designs, as well as our inventory, I will be posting to our Facebook page. Stay tuned……..

Put your Stamp on the Holidays

This blog may seem premature to post, but it seems that the holiday season is around the corner.  We wanted to include some small and some large personalized gift ideas. These gifts are sure to impress, as it shows there was a great deal of planning involved. Monograms are making a major comeback. The Neiman Marcus 2014 Holiday catalogue features a variety of options.  Uggs have begun embroidering their boots; Michael Kors has followed suit with customized purses; and Thea makes gorgeous name rings.

Personalized gifts can work for anyone. Here are some ideas:

  • For the techie- monogrammed iPhone chargers ( so you never lose them) 
  • For the gourmet- monogrammed steak branders
  • For the new home owner- personalized door mat
  • For the luxe trend setting lady- monogrammed Burberry Shawl 
  • For the timeless traveler- monogrammed Louis Vuitton luggage 
  • For the traveling family- custom pin maps
  • For the guy- monogrammed toiletry bag
  • For the new baby- custom fingerprint artwork

Be sure to visit our pintrest page for many more ideas….

Happy Shopping!

Eggplant is the new Orange; Ghoulish trends to toast.

We are constantly trying to reinvent or create new twists on Holidays. And Halloween is no exception. If you are hosting a party, a wedding, or just decorating your home, try a new color scheme to set your style apart. This year, we are focusing on black, white, dusty sage, and eggplant and trying to minimize the traditional orange accents. This color pallet lends itself well to a nod to the Victorian era with its potions, mad scientists, and mystery. For décor, the use of lace both black and white (and even better if its old and stained), mixed with vintage bottles, burnt down taper candles, and skeleton artifacts really bring the creep factor into the space. One of our favorites, instead of decorating the outside of your house in cottony spider webs, head to a local craft store and fill up on Spanish moss. This pretty product can be used to cover existing bare branch trees, porches, staircases, chandeliers, and many other hang points. It gives such a great aesthetic and it’s so simple and inexpensive.


Forego the traditional carving of pumpkins, and either paint them solid colors (try them in our color scheme), stencil them, or for the more artsy, use a wood carving set to scrape the surface. They become great luminaries when just the outside skin is scraped off, and the flesh is still visible.


And don’t forget the food and drink. Incorporate a mad scientist bar with potions, vials, and dry ice. Creating eyeball ice cubes with radishes and olives are a great way to make simple cocktails (vodka tonic) look incredibly creepy. One of our personal favorite dishes to share is "batwings". Using glazed chicken wings with black food coloring, these simple food items look incredible as a display but also amazing to watch your carnivorous guests dig into. Remember when setting your buffet or table, use high-impact pieces. You can serve something as simple as a cheese or fruit platter, but if you serve it with an oversized butcher knife, it carries the theme in a big way. For more ideas or instructions on how to create any of these ideas, visit our pintrest board or email us!


- “ There is no beauty without some strangeness” – Edgar Allen Poe

Geodes + Malachites

A trend has been spotted both in interiors and events. Geodes and other crystalline structures have been popular for sometime, but they are making a presence across interior, event and fashion. For the traditionalists, you can keep the amethysts and agates on the mantles or used as book ends. For the adventurists, there are stunning wall papers, draperies, upholstered furnishings and even dramatic quartz walls. If you are slightly intimidated, try finding some beautiful malachite coasters, or introduce geodes into your everyday jewelry. They naturally catch the light and sparkle, while keeping a sense of rocker chic.

I couldn't help but notice these trends are popping up in store fronts around. Paper Source has the most incredible hand-made Italian wrapping paper marbled in various colors to look like cut geodes. With a simple twine or thin ribbon, this paper is a beautiful way to adorn a special gift. South Moon Under also features hand made paper "geode" garlands. Their interpretation is a whimsy way to introduce the trend with a softer touch.  Please check out our pintrest board with links and images to help inspire you. There are so many ways to introduce this timeless trend to your home or your event.


It’s Oktoberfest Week!

My friends and I in Munich for Oktoberfest 2006.

My friends and I in Munich for Oktoberfest 2006.

Contrary to it’s name, Oktoberfest in Germany is actually celebrated in September. This giant Bavarian funfair brings friends and strangers together for a week of beer, bites, and banter. So in honor of this great German tradition, here are some fun tips and ideas to throw your very own Oktoberfest party, whether you partake now or in October. 

When planning your party, long communal or picnic tables are a must. For décor, the use of hops and wheat are a fun way to add some seasonal flair. Beer steins and carafes make great vases for any centerpiece. If you can hang décor in the ceiling, visit Michael’s and select colored ribbons in your theme colors. These can be mixed with popcorn strand lights for a dramatic ceiling treatment. 

There is also no need to have a large menu, instead pick a few authentic savories to serve. I suggest a tasting of pretzels, both soft and hard, artisan sausages, and instead of having traditional sauerkraut, spice it up with a beautiful display of colorful pickled vegetables.

Auf Wiedersehen!